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Enlarge your slip

"Enlarge your slip"'s entire object is to keep a bear bouncing through the simple two-dimensional world for as long as possible. The game begins when you pull and release the character's knickers. The goal in Enlarge your Slip is to keep the bear flying and bouncing along for as long as possible! Use your super abilities whenever the bear needs an extra bit of juice. Have Fun!
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2 Isac  
My son is just winding up his last mnohts of his year in Europe and he remarks on this very fact, over and over. In fact, when he was home at Christmas and he and I were out to dinner, after the table was cleared and we'd talked a while, I said let's go. He look embarrassed and shocked, and said, did I offend you? I had no idea what he meant, and when we got outside he said he was so used to these 2 or 2 and a half hour lunches or dinners, where conversation is everything and everyone lingers. He wasn't being pretentious he has just lived that way for mnohts in Paris, and he forgot about American turnover of tables and the fact that things are different here.There is so much to be said for the European way .

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1 Luis  
Weiland: It's fantastic, isn't it?@D. Paul: They draw from the same hterwaaeds, but diverge in important respects.@John: The links run deep, don't they?@Ezzy: I love the way you can wander this image and find old stories you read decades ago.@Jacqui: I agree completely that it's amazing. I would LOVE to be able to say that I had created it, or had the skill and/or knowledge necessary to have done so. Alas, this was something I came across out there in the wide world.

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